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Other subjects

We are going to start our summer topic 'Seaside Rescue'.

This will focus on beaches, beach safety, the RNLI, lighthouses and seaside holidays in the past this half term.

Next half-term we will focus on the deep blue sea and learn about habitats, fish, plants, sea weather, sea sports, floating and sinking and the Titanic.

We will also try to do some outdoor learning each week which you should be able to do either in your garden or on your daily walk.


Activity 1

So pack your suitcase in our first activity to take a trip to the beach!

Which clothes will you take with you?

Activity 2

Play a game:

 'If I were going to the beach I would take...'

Activity 3

Watch the Seas and coasts PowerPoint and have a go at drawing and labelling some natural and man-made things we see at the beach.

Activity 4

Paint a picture of your favourite beach. What will you be doing in the painting?

Activity 5

Can you go on a Spring hunt to find signs of Spring? You could look in your garden or on a walk or bike ride (and any you can't find might be on the video clip!)