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Being a historian


We're going to look in a bit more detail about being a historian this week.


You're first activity is to access this BBC Bitesize lesson, watch the videos and complete the activity.

Create your own family tree


Working out your family tree can be fascinating. You could start with a simple one like the one I have put below (or you could make your own version) or you can register at and create a larger version that you can send to relatives to help you complete.

Learning about the Seasons


Use the BBC Bitesize lesson as an introduction to the seasons

This will build upon the previous home learning activity where children created a calendar of the months of the year. Can they recognise which months are in which season?

Create your own seasonal artwork


Using your knowledge of the seasons, can you recreate a piece of art to show the difference between them? Here are some pictures to inspire you;


Make some beautiful music!


Singing is a great way to relax and relieve stress. Your mission is to learn a song and perform it to your family. It could be a pop song or your own creation!


If you are feeling super confident, you could add moves to your song and record it on video. I would love to hear your tunes!