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In topic this week we are going to carry on learning about beaches. We will look at beaches in different parts of the world and compare a beach in the UK to a beach in Greece. We are also going to think of our own visit to a beach and see if we can find it on a map.


In outdoor learning this week we are going to find out all about the birds that come to your garden. You can have a go at feeding the birds and maybe do a bit of birdwatching and try to identify some of them!

Activity 1

Watch the 'Sea and Coasts' slide show and learn about beaches all around the world. Think about how some thing are the same as a UK beach and some things are different. Have a go at comparing a beach in the UK and a beach in Greece.

Activity 2

Can you find a photo of yourself on a beach?

Have a go at finding where it is on the map and any of the other beaches from the slide show.


Activity 3

We are lucky to live in an area with lots of birds and wildlife.

Have a go at feeding the birds in your garden by opening a bird café!

Activity 4

Now you've attracted the birds to your garden you need to hide so you can watch them without scaring them.

Have a go at building a bird hide in your garden!

Activity 5

How will you know what you see?

Use the RSPB activity guide to UK garden birds - you will need some binoculars for this.

Do not worry if you don't have any, you can always make some out of a kitchen roll tube chopped in too and stuck together with tape. With a piece of string around your neck they work just as well(!)