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Topic - Watch the video on the structure of the Earth and then draw or make a picture like below with labels.  Can you add any interesting facts about the Earth?



Science - Food Chains

Work through power point on food chains.  Have a go at drawing your own food chain in your books.  Play the food chain game.


RE - Using the power point learn about puja and it's importance to Hindus.  Then draw a puja tray in your books, labelling each part and the importance of them. 


Music - Listen to Alan Hovhaness(1911-2000): Symphony Nº 50" Mount St Helens"(1982)


Talk about the composer and his stimulus of Mount St Helens

What does the music make you imagine?

Using pencils/ watercolours/ pastels create an image in your book. 



French - food

Using the power point learn some French words for food.  Then match the French to the English on the worksheet. 

Extra activity - Design a menu in French and decorate.