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France - what do you know?


In Year 3, the children will begin to learn French! Mais oui! To prepare them for this, here is a lesson about France and finding out more about the country and its landmarks.

Super Science


I have had lots of requests for more science experiments that you can do at home. Here is one that proves that water moves within a plant's stem. It is also a good way of explain to children that when you water plants in the garden, you have to water the roots, not the leaves!


Art in Everyday Objects


This art activity will require good observation skills and lots of creativity!


Find some small, everyday objects around your house. Can you draw around them to make them into something else? Here are some ideas to inspire you;


How to be a Good Samaritan


Watch this YouTube video about the story of the Good Samaritan


How could you be a good Samaritan? How could you help others? You might want to take part in the #kindnessiscontagious activities from our newsletter - writing a letter to those who might be alone at the moment, leaving a note for the refuse collectors on bin day to thank them, or making a picture to brighten up your postman/lady's day while they are doing their rounds. Maybe you have some other ideas!?