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In topic this week we are going to learn about beach safety by looking at some websites and clips. We will then use our knowledge to design a beach safety poster.

We are also going to make our own beach rescue out of Lego. If you want to get creative you could film this using the Stop-Motion-Studio app.


In outdoor learning we are going to collect pebbles and sand and make our own miniature beaches.


I am also including some links for activities for V.E day if you want to find out what the celebrations were all about.




Activity 1 - Learn about beach safety

  • Watch 'Lifeguards, Lifeboats and safety on Poole beach' with Barnaby Bear and CBBC Keeping safe in the sea to find out about how to keep safe at the beach. 
  • Look at the website link to learn all about UK sea creatures that sting.
  • Go on the RNLI website and choose one of the colouring sheets or activities to do.


Activity 2 - Design a beach safety poster

  • Look at the beach picture - who is safe and who is acting dangerously?
  • Look at the beach safety poster examples to give you some ideas.
  • Design your own beach safety poster - think about bold text, bright colours, bullet points etc.

Activity 3 - Create your own miniature beach.

  • Collect pebbles, rocks, sand, driftwood, shells and seaweed - we aren't at the beach but you can be inventive!
  • Arrange them in a suitable container.
  • You could even add a little bit of water for the sea!


Activity 4 - Make your own beach rescue out of Lego.

  • Design your own beach rescue out of Lego.
  • You could even use the Stop-Motion-Studio app to film it! (There's a free version on the App store or Google Play)

V.E Day - Friday 8th May

Here are some links if you want to find out all about V.E day and celebrate on Friday.