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Topic - How mountains are formed.


Watch Power Point of different types of mountains and how they are formed.  Then watch the video on fold mountains and try the activity for yourself.  Write about what happens and why it is happening.



Art - painting


Look at paintings by David Hockney (PowerPoint). What do you notice about these pictures? (bright colours different to natural colours) Are cliffs are really purple?


Artists use a variety of colours when painting to create depth to their pictures. It is amazing how many colours are in our natural environment. Have a look in your garden for as many colours as you can, either take photos or copy colours and state where col was found, was it a flower or a leaf or something else? 



Now  draw and colour  a picture of your  garden in the style of David Hockney.



French - Food and Counting


Using your knowledge of French numbers and food complete the food counting sheet.  There are different levels to this activity choose one sheet to complete. 


Science- Classification Keys


Work through PowerPoint and then do activity on woodland classification.


VE Day celebrations


Watch video of the VE day celebrations and then have a go at making the Glory Buns.