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Well-Being for Children


After our telephone conversations, it was apparent that all the children are missing each other and having social contact. As part of our PSHE curriculum, I would like to give children the opportunity to re-engage with each other.


Children can write messages to their friends and class mates and send them to me at I can then forward them onto the relevant parents to share with their child.


Children might want to include in their message;


  • Which children in particular they want to send the message to.
  • Why they have chosen them (their qualities as a person).
  • A joke to make them smile.
  • A picture of their friend/s
  • What they are looking forward to sharing/doing with their friend/s when lockdown is finished.



Create your own city


You can follow this link, , to download templates for buildings and create your own town or city. Maybe you could try to recreate Little Sandhurst? This links with our curriculum target of mapping and being aware of man made structures around us. 


There is also a maths link - recognising the 2D faces on 3D shapes. How many faces does each of your buildings have? What shape is each face? Can children identify the vertices, edges and faces? How many are there of each on a building?


Science Investigation


Using inspiration from our English work on 'The Elves and the Shoemaker', can you investigate different types of materials in order to produce an umbrella? (although, fingers crossed, the weather this week will mean we won't need to make one!).

Move to the Rhythm!


You don't need an instrument to make music, when you have your own body! This BBC Bitesize lesson looks at how we can use body percussion to make a beat.

Where in the World?


I have had lots of feedback of how the children are enjoying learning about other countries and this BBC Bitesize lesson allows them to find out more about Nigeria, in Africa. One of the requirements of the curriculum is that children are able to identify the different continents of the world (and realise that continents are natural land masses, but countries are human made). 


One common misconception is that Africa is a country, not a continent. By looking at a map and seeing the different countries within Africa, this can help to address this.