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Other Subjects

Topic - Mountains.


Watch Power Point on features of a mountain and then draw or use the diagram to label the different parts and explain the features.  Then research a famous mountain or mountain range. Write a fact sheet about it.  Make sure you include it's height, what country and continent it is in. 


If you wanted to you could watch the Planet Earth Episode on mountains using the link below



Art - Sketching


Look at photographs by Ansel Adams. 

Ansel Adams is considered to be one of the greatest American photographers. He is famous for his incredible images of the West of America, including Yosemite National Park in California.


Answer the following questions:



How many different colours can you see?

What is your photograph is about?

How would you describe it?

What kind of environment is shown in the picture?

Why do you think the artist took this picture?


Which of the artworks from today would you like in your home?



Activities to choose from ( pick one but you could do all 3 if you wanted to)

1) Have a go at drawing what you think one of his photographs would look like in colour.

2) Write a description to go with one of his amazing landscapes.

3) Sketch a picture in black and white of your garden.




Science- Invertebrate Hunt

Watch the BBC bitesize clip on invertebrates


Work through power point on invertebrates and then complete the 'Invertebrate Hunt' sheet.  Once you have done that create a fact file about one of the invertebrate that you find.  Your fact file should include a labelled picture of the invertebrate, its name, where it was found and its characteristics.