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Other Subjects

Topic - Mountains.


Look at this website on Mountain Environments. 


Read through the facts and make notes on the types of plants that grow in this environment.  How have they adapted?  What is it about them that means they can survive this environment?


Design a plant ideal for a mountain environment.  Use you imagination to make it unique.  Label the features that make it ideal for living in a mountain environment.


If you are feeling creative make a 3D model of your plant and send the pictures to me.  The more inventive the better!


Art - Reflection Art 


Look at the photograph attached.  This is a photograph of Mont Blanc.  It is the highest point in Europe, west of Russia's Caucasus peaks.  Using this as a guide create your own landscape featuring a reflection.


What else can you find out about Mont Blanc?  




French - Breakfast 


Look at the sheet with items from a typical French breakfast table.  Match the words to the correct breakfast item.  Once you have completed the sheet draw your own typical breakfast table and label the items in French.