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Topic - Volcanoes


Activity 1 Work through the power point presentation on volcanoes.  Make sure you click on the video links within the power point.  Once you have done this then complete the 'How a volcano is made' sheet.


Activity 2 

Make a Volcano! Have a go at making an erupting volcano using the 'how to make your own volcano' sheet.


Activity 3 

Have a go at making a paper mache or clay volcano model to put the cup inside to make a realistic eruption!



Art - Printing 


Art this half term is all about printing patterns.  This week I want you to have a look at the pictures and videos on patterns using the document below.   It is amazing how many places you can find patterns!


Once you have done that I would like you to sketch some of the patterns you can find around your home.  What about outside in the garden?  Create a page of different patterns.  You can do this in black and white or colour.  You could also create a collage of photos of the different patterns around you. 




French - Hobbies


Using the power point listen to and practice saying the french words for hobbies.  It will also demonstrate how to say whether you enjoy a hobby or not.  Once you have completed the power point have a go at the worksheet.  There are 3 levels to the sheet, have a go at the one you think you can complete.  



Science- States of Matter


Solids, Liquids and Gases. 


There are 3 states of matter and these are called, solids, liquids and gases.  Watch the bbc clip on examples of these.


Which were solids?  Which were liquids and which were gases?  Some are tricky. 


Once you have watched the video have a go at sorting the pictures in the document at the bottom of this page into the three groups, Solids, Liquids and Gases.  Can you add any more to these groups?