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Topic - Using a Compass

Activity 1

Work through the powerpoint, playing the bbc game through the link 


Then watch this clip on compass points


Activity 2 

Complete the compass point activity sheet at the bottom of the page.


Activity 3 

Draw a map of your garden or bedroom.  From a point marked on your map indicate which direction items are.

For example:- to get to my bed you need to head north.


Art - Tessellations 


Look at the artist Escher’s staircase picture. 


Escher as an artist who was inspired by mathematics. He used shapes that fitted together to create a pattern.  These are called tessellations.  


Activity 1 

Work through power point and try to make a tessellating pattern using a regular shape suggested on the power point. 


Activity 2

Using the guide below have a go at creating your own tessellation.  


French - Classroom


Work through power point listening to the french word and then repeating it. then complete the following activities,


Activity 1

Play the memory match game


Activity 2 

Complete the classroom worksheet.