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Geography Week


This week, we are going to explore the seasons, the places we live and different parts of the world. 


Lesson 1



Let's start with the seasons. Go to this lesson on BBC Bitesize to learn more about the seasons.


Lesson 2



Today, we are going to be considering where we live. Sandhurst is a town in the county of Berkshire. But what is the different between a village, a town and a city? All of them are types of settlements. You will cover settlements in more detail in Year 3 next year.


Lesson 3



Last week, in science, you looked at different habitats. One of these was the polar region. Today's lesson will look at Antartica in more detail.


Lesson 4



San Francisco is a city in North America and is an amazing place to visit! The Golden Gate Bridge, Alcatraz and all the rolling hills. It is also built near a fault line in the Earth's surface, making it prone to earthquakes. Find out more about this wonderful city here;


Lesson 5


Rio de Janiero is a massive city in Brazil, South America. Their main language is Portuguese (the other countries on South America have Spanish as their main language). It has many famous landmarks, most notably the statue of Jesus, which is HUGE! Find out more at the BBC Bitesize lesson;