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Art Week!


I love our Friday art lessons in Year 2! This week, I have compiled some YouTube videos of different art techniques for you to try out at home. Send me the photos of your creations!


Salt Painting Technique


This video shows the method of using salt to trap the colour of watercolour paint (or watered-down acrylic).


You can use PVA glue, like they do in the video, but you can also use a glue stick if you do a small section at a time.


There is another way to do salt painting - Use watercolour paint first to colour in your picture, making sure you use watery paint. While the paint is still wet, sprinkle some salt onto it, and you will achieve a mottled effect in the paint. This method works really well if you want to create a twilight sky - the salt makes the sky look like there are stars! 

Friendship Bracelets


This was one of my favourite activities to do as a child! This video gives you 5 different techniques to create a friendship bracelet. The best thing to use is embroidery thread, but you can use anything similar - wool, string, even wire!


The first technique uses a cardboard circle to guide where you put your thread as you plait. I would recommend this as a good starting point! You could use a cereal box to cut a circle out of - it helps if the card is quite sturdy.


When you have completed your bracelet, who are you going to give it to?

r beginners...

Using Tracing Paper to Copy a Picture


Did you know that you can copy a picture from a book without using a photocopier? It's true!


This video will teach you how to use tracing paper (but you can also use baking paper or grease-proof paper from the kitchen) to draw over a picture and then transfer it to a blank piece of paper. You can try this on any picture you would like to.


If you can master this technique, it may help you with the next art method...



How to use watercolours to blend


This next video is part of a series of classes on how to paint a variety of creatures, using blending of the paint to create a beautiful effect. I have chosen the brontosaurus tutorial as I know we all loved our dinosaurs topic! However, you could look at Sarah Cray's other videos if you would like to learn how to use watercolours for a different animal. 


Don't worry if you can't draw the outline of a brontosaurus.... you can use the tracing paper technique that you learned above to help you.



Manga Drawing


Manga is a type of art that was created in Japan and refers to a style of comic or cartoon drawing. You may have seen it used in some of the programmes you watch on TV.


This tutorial will teach you how to draw a manga-style face. There are many YouTube videos if you want to practise this style of art. You could even use it to create your own comic book!