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At the end of the year, there are a variety of tasks that we have to complete. This year is no exception!


Can you complete the tasks below over your final few days in Year 2?


  • We always have a good tidy up in the classroom and school. Can you do the same at home? Your first mission is to tidy your bedroom and sort out any old toys and clothes that you no longer need. What could you do with these items? Can they be recycled or reused in some way? 

        Also, are there any chores around the house that you can help your parents with? Maybe dusting or 

       cleaning windows? Hoovering? Ask your adults to find out how you can help them.


  • Mr Boardman has organised a sports event for this week - don't forget to take part! We haven't been able to have our school sports day this year, and I know how great you all are when it comes to PE and keeping fit. Read the instructions that you have been sent via ParentMail and get involved!


  • Watch a movie - after all our tidying up, we always find time to relax with a reward of watching a film. This is linked to one of our English tasks this week - writing a film review. It can be a favourite film of yours that you have watched before, or one that is completely new! You can make it more like being in the cinema by closing the curtains, making popcorn and having a drink with a straw in it! Maybe you could make tickets for your family to enter your own home cinema and share the film with you!?