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Week 14 - Natural World

Activity 1:

Bird Crafts

See attached instructions and either make a bird feeder or/and a pom-pom bird.

Activity 2:

Bird watch

  • Make a table of the birds you see in your garden using the template below
  • Sketch a bird
  • Make a fact file about a bird that has visited your feeder/garden

Activity 3:

A-Z journey

Take a walk around your locality and find something you can see, smell or touch for every letter of the alphabet (although Z and Q might be quite tricky!)

Activity 4:

Scavenger Hunt

Complete the mathematical scavenger hunt – what mathematical things can you find? Try to fill in as much of the sheet as you can.  What new maths vocabulary did you learnt whilst completing this task? 

Activity 5:

Magic Square

Create your own outdoor magic number square using the sheet below or using a grid made of natural resources make symmetrical patterns.  Take photographs of your creations.

Activity 6:

Natural Board Game

Make a board game using natural objects. Remember to write some rules and instructions about how to play the game.