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Week 6 (w/b 11/5/20)


Percy finds out about his quest in this week's chapters and he, Annabeth and Grover start their adventures in the mortal world. We're starting to focus on biographies this week- there is an opportunity for you to write about the main events in your own lives and those of your family. Keep thinking about the accuracy of your writing and keep sending me your work! Also remember to keep reading for at least 20 minutes each day and let me know about any books you're enjoying- there are book recommendations at the bottom of our website page.


This week's focus is on fractions. Try to remember what we've done at school and let me know if there's a particular area that you find tricky. Use your times tables! Sorry it looks like there's a lot of information on the page- I'm just trying to cover all the bases!

Other subjects

This week, we are finding out about the Trojan War, one of the most famous stories of ancient Greece. In science, the focus is on bees. As well as the suggested activities, while you're in your garden, make sure you're taking time to watch these fascinating and endangered insects. In French, keep up with Duolingo and there is an activity to do using the verb aller (to go).

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