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At New Scotland Hill Primary School and Nursery we aim to help develop children's curiosity in both their immediate surroundings and in places and environments in the wider world. We believe that Geography stimulates and inspires curiosity and fascination about the world, and their place within it. Our purpose is to instil a keen interest and desire to investigate a variety of human and physical characteristics of different places, both local and afar, through purposeful research and careful questioning. In order to be well rounded citizens, we believe children need to understand the differences between places and their cultures and be able to recognise how these change over time.


Through our carefully planned geography curriculum, we aim for all our pupils to gain a secure understanding of the key concepts of ‘space, place and scale’. We provide children with many opportunities to use a variety of geographical skills to help them understand, present, analyse and communicate a range of information either collaboratively or as an individual. These skills are put into practice both inside and outside the classroom through our outdoor learning curriculum, where we regularly plan opportunities for activities that help children develop an understanding and appreciation for their local area.


By the time our pupils leave the school, we hope that they will have a solid basis of geographical knowledge relating to their local area of Sandhurst, the UK and the wider world. They should be able to use accurate subject specific vocabulary to describe and compare different features, including human and physical characteristics of geography.