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All Governors have voting rights for the committees they serve on.


Co-opted Governors (5)
Co-opted governors are appointed by the governing body. Co-opted governors are people who in the opinion of the governing body have the skills required to contribute to the effective governance and success of the school. Staff members can become co-opted governors, however, staff can not outweigh the whole governing body by more than one third of the total.

Name: David Kent
Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor
Governor Since: June 1999  Current term: 18/05/2015-18/05/2023
Committees/Responsibilities: Resources, PPP, Staffing, SEN Governor.


Picture by Year 1

David has been a member of the Governing Body since 1999, initially as a Parent Governor and, after his children left the school, as a Community Governor.   David is very experienced in all aspects of the Governing Body's responsibilities as been both Vice-Chair and Chair of the Governing Body.  David brings experience to New Scotland Hill from over 25 years working in the Financial Services industry - he works full time as an IT consultant for IBM.  David feels strongly that our children deserve the best education and will ensure that the Governing Body plays its part in making this happen.


Name: Dean Armstrong
Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor
Governor Since: March 2008 Current term: 18/05/2015-18/05/2023
Committees/Responsibilities: Chair Resources, Staffing, Lead Sites and Buildings.


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Name: Irene Ridgers
Type of Governor: Co-opted Governor
Governor Since: May 2006  Current term: 18/05/2015-18/05/2023
Committees/Responsibilities: Vice-Chair of GB, Resources, Chair of PPP, Staffing, Lead on Safeguarding


 Picture by Year 1

Irene has been a governor for a number of years, first as parent governor and now community governor. Both of her sons, now adults, attended the school. Irene has served on all committees and is currently joint vice chair. She has been actively involved in the recruitment of staff, from admin to head teacher. Irene visits the school regularly and values the time spent with the children. Irene's background is in midwifery, currently in the role of the Clinical Specialist in Infant Feeding at Frimley Park Hospital. She is passionate that children should have the best education possible and develop a quest for life long learning.


Name: Chris Jackson
Type of Governor:
Co-opted Governor
Governor Since: October 2012  Current term:5/12/16 - 4/12/20

Committees/Responsibilities: Resources and PPP.


Picture by Year 1

Chris currently has a daughter at New Scotland Hill with 2 older sons at Edgbarrow.  Since his eldest started NSH nursery in 2009 Chris has witnessed the wonderful environment NSH school has provided for his children.  He became a parent governor after spending a lot of his time helping the school PTA as he felt that NSH would be a significant part of his family life  for many years to come as his children grow up.  Chris has been appointed for  a second term of office as a co-opted governor.  He is keen to support the school and wider community with the skills he has learnt from his working life.
Chris currently works for a FTSE 250 Financial Organisation as IT Director where he has been for the last 20 years.  He studied Engineering and IT and today is privileged to introduce young people to the working environment who have an interest in learning skills in Information Technology.  He enjoys educating and understanding how the future generations can bring change and improvement to the way we live our lives today.



Parent Governors (2)
Parents, including carers, of pupils are eligible to stand for election as governors. Parent governors are elected by other parents at the school. If insufficient parents stand for election, the governing body may appoint parents.

Name: Darren Abbott

Type of Governor: Parent Governor
Governor Since: October 2016  Current term: 25/10/16 -24/10/20 Committees/Responsibilities:  Chair of GB, Resources and PPP.


Darren joined the Governing Body in the autumn of 2016. He has a son in the school.  Darren has previous experience as governor at NSH when his older children attended the school. He feels the school gave his children a great education and start in life and wishes to give his experience and support to the school to deliver a first class education for all.

Darren’s career background is in Building Control Systems and Energy Management with a specialism in Commercial and General Management .  He brings many management skills to the GB, notably procurement, general building services, health and safety HR, management accounts and finance.


Name: Charlotte Gouldsmith-Leigh
Type of Governor: Parent Governor
Governor Since: December 2017  Current term: 05/12/2017-04/12/2021


Charlotte has lived in Sandhurst for over 10 years and has two children at New Scotland Hill Primary School.  She is passionate about primary education and gives as much time as she can to support the school helping out in the classroom and with school drama productions. 

Charlotte works on a management team for an international advertising agency.  She brings project management, budgetary and HR skills to the Governing Body.



Staff Governors (including the Head teacher) (2)
The head teacher is a staff governor by virtue of their office. Other staff, both teaching and support, may become governors as long as they are paid (volunteers do not qualify). Staff governors are elected by the school staff. Any election that is contested must be held by ballot.

Name: Simon Cotterill
Type of Governor: Staff Governor
Governor Since: September 2019
Committees/Responsibilities: All Committees



Simon has been the Headteacher at New Scotland Hill Primary School and Nursery since September 2019. As part of the school's Governing Body, Simon provides information to the governors regarding the performance of the school and its progress against all aspects of the School Development Plan.


Name: Anneke Robinson
Type of Governor: Staff Governor
Governor Since: September 2016  Current term: 19/09/2016- 18/09/2020
Committees/Responsibilities: PPP




Anneke joined New Scotland Hill as a class teacher in 2016.  Before this, she spent two years working at a primary school in Brixton, London.  Prior to teaching, Anneke worked as an online journalist, focusing on film. However, feeling that her work wasn't community focused enough, she retrained as a teacher in 2013.  Anneke grew up in the area, and attended Cranbourne Primary school and Charters secondary school herself.  She is looking forward to taking on the task of being a governor, and hopes it will allow her to immerse herself in the school community while delivering vital information about the day-to-day organisation of the school.





LA Governors (1)
LAs are encouraged to appoint high-calibre governors to schools that need the most support and to appoint candidates irrespective of any political affiliation or preference. Authorities may appoint minor authority representatives, e.g. district and parish councillors, as authority governors.


Name: Graham Bollands
Type of Governor:  Local Authority Governor
Governor Since: December 2017 Current term: 
05/12/2017 – 04/12/2021

Graham joined the Governing Body in December 2017.  He has worked in education since the mid 1980’s, including seven years a Deputy Headteacher in a Bracknell Forest Primary School in the 1990’s, and then seventeen years as primary school Headteacher in Surrey.  Combining his particular interests in supporting children with special educational needs alongside a passion for sports, health and wellbeing, his current role is a sports coach at a secondary school in Camberley.  Having lived in Crowthorne for the last ten years, Graham has close links with New Scotland Hill, and hopes that he can work with the Governing Body to use his experience to support the school.  

Clerk (1)
Appointed by the governing body or school.  The clerk has an important part to play in making sure the governing body's work is well organised. The clerk is able to offer information and advice to the governing body, particularly on matters involving the law and procedures to be followed at meetings

Name: Adele Woodhouse
Role: Clerk
Since: 2018
Clerk Responsibilities: Full Governing Body, Staffing




How are governors chosen?

Parent governors are elected by parents and staff governors are elected by New Scotland Hill staff. Bracknell Forest appoints the LA governor, while co-opted governors are appointed by the governing body. All governors initially serve for a period of four years. At the end of the four years, they can stand for re-election or be re-appointed.


Whenever there is a vacancy for a parent governor parents and carers, with children at the school, are notified of the election process.