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We have had an exciting time in Year 4 again this week.  In history, the children have worked in groups to research and write a report on a prehistoric topic of their choice.  Mrs Hill and I have been very impressed with their motivation and engagement in the task and are looking forward to each group presenting a speech on their area of expertise next week.  They range from 'Henges' to 'Weapons' to 'Food and Farming' and we can't wait to share them!

In Art, we have looked at how prehistoric people made baskets and been weaving our own.  We had an amazing time building our own Stonehenges - please see photos on the Summer Term photo page.


Our Design Technology project is now fully underway - we have studied the history and importance of bread, completed a taste test and are now poised to design and make out own.  Each child has chosen two flavours to add and they should bring these on the morning of Wednesday 3rd July.


Science this week comprised a 'scrap yard challenge' where we considered how materials are sorted by magnets in recycling plants and used this concept to conduct our own magnetism investigation.


English, spelling and maths continues as a high priority until the very end of term and we have been learning about problem solving with time and the 24 hour clock as well as consolidating key skills in addition and subtraction.  Our spelling this week consisted of revision of the 'ly' suffix and the four changes to the root word that may need to be made.  As our non-chronological report writing draws to a close we will begin a new writing unit - a defeating the monster tale until the end of the term.  I know story writing is a special talent and favourite pastime of the class and I can't wait to see what they come up with.


Rehearsals for the Year 6 production begin in earnest this week and we are looking forward to planning and practising our dance.


 PE is still on Thursdays and Fridays for the next few weeks, but please make sure you have your PE kit in school throughout the week in case of timetable changes.   


Staff: Mrs Warren and Mrs Hill

PE: Thursdays and Fridays- Mrs Foster

Computing: Thursday - Mrs Fenner



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