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Year 4

Welcome to Year 4


  Here you will find all the information you need to know about life in Year 4.



Our topic this term is called The War of the Roses and The Tudors, a history topic, in which we will discover how the Tudor family came to power, what impact their decisions had on influencing areas of our life today and the role of Tudor explorers in shaping future generations’ understanding of the world. This will be done through:

  • Finding out about who were the two different sides in the War of the Roses and why it started
  • Considering the value of different sources, paintings,  accounts written several years later, eyewitness accounts and the influence of bias and propaganda when investigating the role Richard III played in the disappearance of the Princes in The Tower
  • Using paintings from artists of the time as a source to tell us about the character of Henry VIII
  • Investigating the reasons Henry VIII married six times and the impact and repercussions that had on religion in England.
  • Comparing the symbols of wealth and poverty in Tudor times – using photographs of Tudor buildings still in existence.
  • Finding out about the influence Shakespeare has had on literature and some of the language which we use today.
  • Investigating crime and punishment in Tudor times and comparing to previous work on Anglo- Saxons
  • Studying maps before, during and after Tudor times to understand the impact Tudor explorers had on discovering new countries and developing knowledge of the world.


Throughout our learning, we will be considering three big enquiry questions, using our research and newly-acquired knowledge to answer them.


How did the Tudors earn their place on the throne?

What impact did the Tudors have on our lives today?

How can we link Tudor explorers to our favourite bag of crisps?


Our first English unit of work will link very closely to our topic’s focus on Tudor explorers and we will be reading Jonathan Swift’s Gulliver written by Chris Riddell. Within this block of learning, we will be focusing on writing to inform and working towards writing our own leaflet, logbook and persuasive poster.


We continue to follow the White Rose curriculum in maths and the Year 4 topic overview can be found here


PE takes place on Thursdays and Fridays, but this may change depending on varying circumstances. Please remember to come to school wearing your PE kit for the time being.  


Please ensure you bring your pencil case, reading diary and reading book to school every day.  



Mrs Robinson, Mrs McCormick, Mrs Hill and Mrs Crouch


Please feel free to contact us at the following email addresses: (Mon-Thurs) (Fridays)