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Year 2

Welcome to Year 2!


This week has had some fun and exciting highlights. From our recreation of the Great Fire of London, to joining Joe Wicks for the Children in Need Big Morning Move. We also celebrated the end of our assessment fortnight by eating our healthy banana and blueberry oat cakes. What a delight! 

All of the photos for these events are on the school’s new Facebook and Instagram pages. Please find us and follow! 




The class have begun learning the script and songs for our KS1 nativity play. The scripts went home on Thursday in your child’s book bag. The song lyrics are also in the script and children can practise the songs at home as they are on YouTube! 


I will be sending out costume requirements next week for parents to have plenty of time to acquire/make your child’s costume.


In maths, we have been learning how to use column addition to add two 2-digit numbers together. This is a tricky concept to understand when we have to start exchanging the ones for tens. Please watch the videos below and practise with your child at home.



Well done to the children who completed the magic square challenge. The answer is below;


In English, we have consolidated our writing of letters, by thanking people in our community who help us. This links with our Acts of Kindness initiative across the school. Over the coming week, please e-mail me any photographs of the children performing acts of kindness at home (hhendry@nshprimary.co.uk)


We have also been learning how to write a recount of an event and used our burning of the children's Tudor houses to inspire us. To make our writing more interesting, we have tried to include adjectives and adverbs. Children are expected to identify nouns, adjectives, verbs and adverbs in Year 2. Here is an explanation of each type;

Nouns - These are naming words. They name a person, place or thing. (e.g. chair, foot, Miss Hendry, London, cat)

Adjectives - These are describing words. They help to give more information about a noun. (e.g. red, metallic, lumpy, furry)

Verbs - These are doing words. They tell you the action being performed by a noun. (e.g. jumping/jumped, crying/cried, shivering/shivered)

Adverbs - These describe how a verb is done and usually end in an -ly. (e.g. carefully, regularly, angrily, joyfully)

Ask your child if they can find one of each type in their reading book!


I also promised children to put a link to the recipe to our blueberry and banana cakes that we made for Children in Need. Here it is! https://www.bbcchildreninneed.co.uk/schools/primary-school/fundraise-with-joe-wicks/joe-wicks-healthy-bakes-blueberry-and-banana-muffins/



This week's awards were given to the following recipients;


Sportsmanship award (from Mr Boardman) - Cooper

Friend of the Week - Taylor

Learner of the Week - Mila

Writer of the Week - Millie

Agent Application - Taylor

Captain Collaboration - Grace

Inspector Independence - Jasmine

Engagement Expert - Oliver

Readiness Ranger - Flynn


If you have any questions, please contact me on hhendry@nshprimary.co.uk.




Miss Hendry




Our PE days will be on a Monday and Tuesday. 

I will be teaching most of the week, except for Tuesday morning, when Mrs Fenner and Mrs Foster will take the class, and for 1 hour on a Monday afternoon, when Mr Boardman will take the class for PE.

Our library day is on Tuesday, but please make sure that children bring their reading book and reading record to school each day.


Recommended Books for Year 2